How to Make Money On Youtube

Are you not getting views and subscribers on your channel?

Are you working hard to get views? But still, the views are not coming?

Today's everyone wants to Earn Money Online at Home, but most of the people's don't know How to Grow Youtube Channel?

For this reason, they do not get good results in Youtube and by this, they demotivate and stop upload videos

Really if you want to know How to Increase Youtube Views?

Then read the whole post,

In this post, I'm gonna share you 10 Tips that can help you to increase views and subscribers on your channel

If you follow my suggestions, then you will get good results, I have also used these tips on my channel and I have got good results

So you also use these tips and keep your channel move

So before any further wasting time, Let's get started

    10 Tips - How to Grow YouTube Channel Fast

    Here are the Top 10 Tips on How To Grow Youtube Channel Fast. These tips are going to help you more. This Tips which I used personally on my channel. That's why I'm sharing these amazing tips for you.

    Tips 1 - Watch YouTube Videos 

    Watch youtube tutorial videos on youtube that can help you to increase knowledge about youtube. There are many tech YouTuber which will provide YouTube Tutorial video like how to add a thumbnail in videos? Like this type of videos, you can watch there.

    Tip 2 - Follow Channel Analytics 

    Follow the channel analytics that shows you all the information about your channel.

    This will help you to know which countries are mostly watching your videos, by this you get a lot of help

    If you don't know How to Check Channel Analytics? Then you can watch YouTube videos, there you can understand well 

    Tip 3 - Research Your Content   

    Research your channel content topic, on the topic that should watch more people's 

    If you don't know how to research content?

    Then I will tell you one App, by this, you can choose the best topic for your video. Name of the app is Tubebuddy. It is available on play store and you can download it for free. Premium version also available in the app.

    I have the best budget so you can buy it in premium 

    Tip 4 - Collaborating

    This is the way that you can grow your channel easily

    Make a collaborating video, means make a combined video with other any YouTuber

    Your Video and another YouTuber video which you want to make, it should be on the same topic. It brings more views to your channel 

    Tip 5 - Thumbnail 

    Thumbnail, you have heard this before, it is one of the attractive images that bring a lot of views. Everyone is watching any videos before seen thumbnail. In case you are thumbnail has not better then do not come views 

    In case you are wondering, How to Customize Thumbnail? Then don't worry 

    Let me tell you how to add a good thumbnail?

    First of all, you don't write much text on thumbnail because people are can't afford to read much text and because peoples are came there for only watching videos 

    Write a short about your video topic, make sure you understood 

    I say that this is the best way to increase views on youtube 

    Tip 6 - Youtube Name

    If you are thinking of starting a youtube channel, then you should put your channel name shorter because it will be easier to remember and it will be easier to read.

    If you want to put a big name, then do not put a bigger name.

    Tip 7 - Annotations 

     If you don't know how this Annotation works, then

    Let me tell you that whenever you watch any type of category video on youtube then, there appear an eye button link in the right side of the upper, it is called annotation, that will attract people to see another video. 

    Tip 8 - End Card

    You should know the end card, it helps you to get more views on your channel. Let me tell you when you watch any video full, so at the end of the video, the videos will be seen for 10 seconds, that is end screen. Many people do not utilize this End Card.

    This can make your youtube channel grow fast

    Tip 9 - Playlist

    Have you ever heard of the playlist in youtube, this is a very good way that you can show your youtube channel professionally and it is very helpful.

    If you create this playlist in your channel, then it will be very helpful to the people, because, in this playlist, all the topic's videos are in different folders, which people will not have trouble to finding your videos.

    Tip 10 - Social Media 

    Want to get good views, share your videos on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, it helps you to get 100 or 500 views on your videos.

    And many people getting views from social media

    I say that this place is good for youtube beginners to increase their views.

    I hope you have liked this post.

    If you have any questions, free to ask me in the below comment section, I will try to reply immediately.

    So let's see you in the next post

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